What is the perfect product?

We could never agree on which perfume, car, soap, brand of coffee is the best, but we all agree that we would prefer to buy the things we already buy, at a Discount!

So the perfect product... is NOT a specific product

The perfect product would be our ability to buy everything we WANT cheaper

OGIDiscounts.com does exactly that

It connects clever consumers who are in search of the best prices, and businesses that are willing to forgo part of their profit in order to attract and win-over these consumers

When you become a member of OGIDiscounts.com you get FULL ACCESS to:

Exclusive Discounts

A permanent, year round discount when purchasing products or services from partner businesses worldwide!

Amazing Deals

Incredible deals that enable you to find what you are looking for at prices the may often be below cost!

Incredible freebies

Amazing gifts awarded totally free by partner businesses to our members simply for choosing to shop or just visit their store!


There are incredible savings that members of OGIDiscounts.com get for just $28 a month!

Our Mobile app is available for iPhone and Android devices and it's a great tool

Locate businesses offering discounts, deals or freebies around you

Browse through our website for available discounts in your local stores

Business owners that are enrolled in OGIDiscounts.com publish new deals weekly!

They even have their own easily built website and eshop trough OGIBiz

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Coming Friday (29-May-2020)

Whether you’re looking to save money, earn extra Income in your spare time or gain your Financial Freedom,

OGIDiscounts.com is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for!